The Lion Cub’s Dreaming Pride

This Lion Cub is Dreaming itself to become an adult male that will have to fight its way to reach respect from the females of the pride, it will have to fiercely confront all that apposes him. Through the Lions confidence he brings protection. Causing all to pause, the African Lion roars can be heard for miles, summoning respect, he proclaims his power as a message and warning. Through singing and clapping the Bushmen would do the Lion Dance as the move around the fire, travelling in the spirit world of the cosmos, connecting with the power that commands respect and truth to transmute all discords that rise from our deep subconscious mind. The cub symbolizes humanity as children still yet to learn and master the balances of living on Earth. In time we as a humanity will tune into the Lions Truth and live in accordance with the original intentions of the Infinite Universe, so as to all be One with All.

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