Owl Eclipse

This abstract painting, on a moulded rock surface, shows off an owl. In the night the OWL or Night Eagle comes from the void of the shadow to pounce on its pray, its sharp hearing and vision senses everything, its gaze SEES ITS TRUTH. OWL Soul Eclipsing allows one to transcend the immature duality of Time, transforming your LIGHT to live in truth to ITSELF. In this way you are able to reclaim the lost aspects of the SOUL. The Owl says that it is time to be courageous and live with a clear HEART centered mind that feels at peace with its choices.


The owl is a remarkable creature of creation as it has developed extra sensory ability, it has amazing night vision and hearing ability. The feeling one gets when being in the presence of an owl is of ancient wisdom, truth and inner perceptions of sacredness. In ancient times it was believed that owl held mystical powers. As a symbolic meaning, owl brings magic, wisdom and clarity, an owl cannot be deceived as it works with the truth of any situation. Things that were hiding in the shadow are revealed and that unconscious part of ourselves that sits dormant in the deep subconscious comes to the surface to be seen.


Written by Sean Caulfield

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