Lion Song

The San’s Universal SONG LINES are aligned to an ancient vibration of their ancient LION SONG. The ritual dance of this music calls in courage and strength for the San’s Soul to return to harmony and balance with its environment. The San Bushmen TRANCE DANCE of Africa can be understood to reflect the feminine and masculine aspects of the most ancient Universal Songs of Time, the intentions of these sacred ceremonial songs have come full circle and through the processes of evolution are returning Creation to ONENESS, and helping to bring our collective mind to live in union with nature.

The resonance of the Universe is always changing to be in our favour, it strives to grow by a rising vibration that works in a certain order of movement of yin/yang or female/male, whereby the feminine “receives” and the masculine “gives“.

The feminine looks “Within” and the masculine looks “Without“, this sacred union sparks the birth of life. When the masculine and feminine energies are in balance things are at Peace both internally and externally, but the question is how do we consciously achieve this balance, we achieve it by surrendering to our true role in the Sacred Play of the Divine Universe. What is this role and how can we understand it? The role of the masculine energy is to sacredly “do and give” whilst at the same time trusting to allow the feminine energy to sacredly trust itself to “hold and receive“, a balance of these energies keeps things stable and in place and aligns Humanity to Creations destiny of ONENESS.

The 4 corners of the pyramid are feminine and hold up the Light at the top that is masculine. An immaturity to this understanding is causing great disharmony in our World. Humanity has virtually forgotten this ancient MEMORY, yet we are slowly waking up to these rising Universal Truths that are restoring our balance with nature.

If I look at the San Bushmen I am taught a lot about how to achieve a balance “Within” myself and all Creation, the understanding of this starts with observing their sacred TRANCE DANCE Fire Ceremony. In this Ceremony the Fire is central, because it holds the essence of the Source of Creation and the Fire transmutes all that is opposing the truth that Creation EXISTS by, the Source Creators FIRE opposes our immature arrows of intent that are projected towards nature and other people. So to the San the Fire Trance Dance is central to keeping a balance in their community and a balance with Creation, they would and still do perform this collective ritual regularly. How the San conducted this sacred ceremony that is one of the most ancient ceremonies on Earth is to set intentions for spiritual guidance and healing of the community, they would then, sing, clap and dance around a Sacred Fire, sometimes for hours or even all night. The feminine energy or women of the community would sing and clap whilst sitting in a semi circle around the Central Fire, while the masculine energy or men would dance around the Central Fire. The men would invoke the Trance state by feeling the rhythm of the musics resonance from the women’s singing and clapping, if the women had a discord between them the music would not resonate harmoniously and the men would not reach a Trance State. Once the trance state is reached the Fire would neutralise the discords, ot the bad arrows of intent, so what this sacred healing ceremony brought was an opportunity to heal the disharmony between the people in the community, through a union of the feminine and masculine energies of the Universe, that are mirrored inside our Hearts Light. Ultimately this understanding is reflective of how to live life in our WORLD TODAY, if we all respect each other and live True to the teaching of Creations Light we will attract a world of balance and harmony.

If the masculine and feminine energies can live in sacred union we can live in a world of Peace. Their is a lot of wisdom that we are gifted by, by the understanding of the Lion Song San Bushmen Trance Dance.

Written by Sean Caulfield

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