Jewel of Gemsboks Peace

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Size:- 52cm x 33cm

Artist: Sean Caulfield
Fineart paintings on moulded rock.

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RAshop-015 – Jewel of Gemsboks Peace

Mirage – In the height of the dry season, when all the pans have dried up, all the wild melons are finished and all the sweet bulbs have been consumed, the gemsbok in its desperation and need for water, is forced to dig up bitter roots and bulbs in order to get his daily requirements of moisture. The gemsbok is tired of eating these bitter foods, he yearns to drink soothing, quenching cool water from the pans in the dark of the night, to dig for sweet buried treasures of hidden bulbs and roots, in the midday sun, and to seek out those juicy fruits of water, the tsamma melon, that lay hidden amongst the valleys of the sand dunes. So the gemsbok calls the rain, pleading it, begging it to come, summoning the clouds to build up and converge to cumulonimbus heights, luring the water spirits out of their deep-rooted oases and springs so that he can sooth his eternal thirst. This is why when the bushmen dance for rain, along with the rain dance they also perform the gemsbok dance, mimicking the gestures of the gemsbok as he looks towards the direction of the rain clouds, calling the rain and scraping in the dust with his hooves to indicate his desire for water, no longer willing to eat bitter roots and bulbs. Written by Gary Trower


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Dimensions 52 × 33 cm

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