Elephant Smells The Rain


Size:- 33cm x 27cm

Artist: Sean Caulfield
Fineart paintings on moulded rock.

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RAshop-028 – Elephant Calls The Rain

The elephant symbolizes many things. Firstly elephants are able to speak to the rain and summon the rain spirits. These wonderful creatures are also
water-diviners, able to sense underground water with their long trunks and digging down to reach it if necessary. In addition, spirits of deceased elephants often live inside rivers and lakes and move through the medium of mist and clouds, and are therefore intimately linked with rainmaking. Elephants also
communicate over vast distances in a frequency of sound inaudible to humans. This is a very important gift due to the fact that shamans are able to sense illness within people by the sounds that their organs make. Each organ produces its own specific sound if it is functioning optimally and healthily, much like a heart beat. So therefore in the form of an elephant, the shamans ability to sense internal illness within his patients through sound is greatly magnified. The elephant shaman therefore symbolizes a combined human and animal spirit, and this therefore represents the harmony and balance that existed between man and nature in bushmen society. This specific shaman would therefore be able to perform rain-making rituals due to the fact he would be able to summon the clouds, as well as be able to heal people due to the fact that he would accurately be able to pinpoint disease through his gifted acute hearing. Written by Gary Trower


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Dimensions 33 × 27 cm