Rock Art Primordial Inspiration


Size:- 46cm x 26cm

Artist: Sean Caulfield
Fineart paintings on moulded rock.

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RAshop-025 – Rock Art Primordial Inspiration

Rock art inspired from the Drakensberg – “And Qwanciqutshaa killed an eland and purified himself and his wife, and told her to grind cannā, and she did so, and he sprinkled it on the ground, and all the elands that had died became alive again, and some came in with assegais(spear) sticking in them, which had been struck by those people who had wanted to kill him. And he took out the assegais, a whole bundle, and they remained in his place; and it was a place enclosed with hills and precipices, and there was one pass, and it was constantly filled with a freezingly cold mist, so that none could pass through it, and those men all remained outside, and they ate sticks at last, and died of hunger. But his brother (or her brother), in chasing an eland he had wounded, pursued it closely through that mist, and Qwanciqutshaa saw the elands running about, frightened at that wounded eland and the assegaai that was sticking in it.” Ancient Mythological Creation stories of the magical world of the Bushmen of the Drakensberg, a simple yet deeply spiritual awareness of life. Our ancient imagination dreamed THE HUMAN SOUL TO EVOLVE & GROW THE HIGHEST AWARENESS OF THE TREE OF LIFE to be.


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Dimensions 46 × 26 cm