African Moon Man


Size:- 65cm x 52cm

Artist: Sean Caulfield
Fineart paintings on moulded rock.

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RAshop-007 – African Moon Shaman

The shaman may travel vast distances into other dimensions. As well as to higher levels of universal consciousness and selflessly return to the physical world in order to share this new knowledge with his people, thereby facilitating mental, spiritual and psychological awakening, enlightenment and evolution within his society and therefore future generations. In this way, the shaman has been largely responsible for the evolution of their community over thousands of years. He is a teacher, doctor, judge and jury, psychologist and councilor. He is protector of secrets and sacred knowledge, bridge between the normal, mundane world, and the infinite Universal consciousness, astrologer, hunter, spiritual warrior, healer and protector of humankind and Mother Earth. The shaman acts as poet, storyteller, myth conveyer and artist, and through these uses symbolism and metaphor to open up the minds of the audience to a higher level of enlightening consciousness. The shaman can act as a leader, either spiritual, group leader or both. The shaman confronts the mystery, he goes into the dark cave to confront his demons, he goes right to the end, right up to death itself. He stares it in the eyes, confronting it face to face and conquers it. Through this understanding and overcoming of death, the shaman is now able to cure due to the fact that he knows what he is dealing with; he has dealt with it before. The shaman travels up into the stars of the heavenly upper world, as well as going down into the deepest depths of the underworld. Written by Gary Trower


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Dimensions 65 × 52 cm