Rock Art Inspiration


Size:- 65cm x 52cm

Artist: Sean Caulfield
Fineart paintings on moulded rock.

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RAshop-006 – Rock Art Inspiration

Ancient Mythological Creation stories of the magical world of the Bushmen of the Drakensberg, a simple yet deeply spiritual awareness of life. Our ancient imagination dreamed THE HUMAN SOUL TO EVOLVE & GROW THE HIGHEST AWARENESS OF THE TREE OF LIFE to be, from this a primordial LIGHT shines in our modern world today.
[Cagn the Creator]
Cagn was the first Being; he gave orders and caused all things to appear, and to be made, the sun, the moon, stars, wind, mountains, and animals. His wife’s name was Coti. He had two sons, and the eldest was chief, and his name was Cogaz; the name of the second son was Gcwi. There were three great chiefs, Cagn, Cogaz, and Qwanciqutshaa (of all three legends are here given), who had great power, but it was Cagn who gave orders through the other two.

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Dimensions 65 × 52 cm