Call of the Bushmen of the Kalahari

Call of the Kalahari Bushmen and the Spirit of I,Toro'

The Khomani San of the Kalahari welcome you to visit them - the San ACKNOWLEDGE THE SPIRIT OF THE LANDS OF I,TORO' (Kalahari), they Ignite the 3-Fire & Trance Dance the Dream AWAKE on 4th Dec (3-Tijax/Flint) - 2015. Article and video by Sean Caulfield

THE SPIRIT OF THE KALAHARI CALLED I,TORO', SPOKE TO MY HEART & I Sean Caulfield bring sacred awareness for the collective Heart to contemplate the consequences of. The Kalahari is the "Land of Great Thirst" where the San Bushmen originated from. The San are one of our most ancient reflections that without which we would not be here, yet we have almost discarded them, however they are humble because they know we are still waking up to realizing this. The Spirit of I,TORO' that the San revere, makes my Heart cry as I feel emotional waves of despair flowing through me. I surrender to I,TORO' and allow this Divine Spirit of Earth Mother to show me how to trust my hearts truth, this is what I am acting on in my sacred work with the San. Thank you Great Spirit and all the Divine Beings of love and light. Respects and gratitude to all the ancestors. All is through the Divine Universes LIGHT, with permission, sacred intent and an open and clear heart understanding. In nature all is understood and forgiven, this allows for sacred flow.

So I ask, when will we "humanity" surrender, like Nature, and allow our HEARTS conscience to sacredly get the better of us. For the most part people just carry on with their merry lives, totally oblivious of what is actually going on. From the understandings of the deeper energetic natural changes that are driving our consciousness's Divine evolution, that we need to understand how to change by, we need to look deep in our heart, to what has happened to the roots of indigenous cultures that we all ultimately come from, so look "within" and see the San as you. Because we are all connected like a spiders web, we need to look at what we have done to our selves, and it is not just the San of the Kalahari that we have collectively persecuted and displaced. Like a tree that is uprooted and replanted, it struggles to adapt to its new environment that it is not naturally tuned into. The Khomani San were displaced and taken off the Kalahari ancestral heart lands in roughly 1975, before this, in the early part of the 20th century, they where nearly wiped out and roughly 100 years ago you could actually buy a hunting permit to hunt Bushmen in Southern Africa.

I have just returned from my recent sacred spiritual journey to the Khomani San people's, who also like to be called Bushmen, and invoked in me from a very deep place, was an understanding that I am realizing. The San have been dancing the collective dream awake since our human beginnings, their ancestors lived in harmony with creation and the intentions of the Universal Divine purpose, they understood how to live in fulfilment of the Original Agreements which involve absolute sacred intent towards all life. Life is to be lived selflessly and nature is only to be disturbed with sacred intent. The San only take what is needed and always ask for permission, living in humble means, they still live in this simple way, even thou they have been persecuted and displaced. Look at the history of the San in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana, the San always came off second best, yet remain humble in trust that the Divine Universe sees everything and will in TIME bring all into balance once again. The meek will ultimately inherit the Earth. We have much to learn and we can prosper by tuning into the frequency that the San live with, this is invoked by their sacred connection with the spirit of the land and their sacred Trance Dance. In the Kalahari called I'Toro', the Khomani San lived for possibly as long as 50000 years, only to be displaced from their ancestral land that they sacredly danced the dream awake with and from. In South Africa the Khomani San now live on the outskirts of the Kalahari, just 170 km North of Upington, on land given to them after a land claim in 1999, this is where I recently visited the Khomani San at a place called Witdraai. My first visit here in the Kalahari was in 2004, after having met the Khomani San in the 90's when they lived in the Cedarberg mountains near Cape Town at a rock art painting lodge called Kagga Kamma.

Like many sacred sites and lands on Earth, the Spirit of the Kalahari holds a very sacred alignment for Humanity, for keeping our consciousness aligned in balance with the Divine purpose of the Universe. This Divine alignment is hardly being connected with, hence this is a direct energetic imbalance for the collective human SPIRIT. All the San's work of sacred alignment to the spirit of the Kalahari is Divinely asking to be reconnected with, this can be done by the San Shamans who are the spiritual doctors of the well being of the SPIRIT of the community. They do the sacred Trance Dance that connects humanity to the most deepest roots of the collective tree of life. This Divine work is in selfless service and feeds nourishment to all humanity. What I mean by nourishment, I mean nourishment to be the Divine's stimulus to wake humanity up from the dark divisions of discord that are separating us and causing all the wars. It would be ideal to allow the San to return to the heart of the Kalahari ancestral lands, it would be perfect to surrender to our conscience and allow

all First Nations people's of Earth, who know the sacred ceremony with Earth Mother's Soul, to sacredly practice this, as this will bring a collective spiritual alignment for the ability for humanity to wake up from its self inflicted anaesthesia, and gain the courage to trust our truth and call our SOUL home to return to our Heart. Besides anything, we must allow the San back into their ancestral homes, onto their Kalahari ancestral heart lands, we must do this unconditionally.

By looking "within" and seeing the disconnection to our most ancient reflection, this has opened me to seeing the flaws of humanity and in myself, that need to be corrected. I have taught myself to heal my heart, and this secret "to some", I share the understanding of through my sacred journey. When with the Bushmen on 3rd Dec 2015 3-Tijax/Flint we did spiritual ceremony to help hold the world in balance because the Kalahari is very still and holds a frequency that brings things into peace and harmony, the idea is that because the Bushmen hardly do ceremony like their ancestors did, this is not good.

The human spiritual resonance to the land is almost lost. So it could be said that the world is unbalanced because humanity has stopped doing the ceremony as the indigenous peoples did before, thousands of years ago, they understood the connection to the spirit of the land and that this helped keep the collective human SPIRIT in balance with Earth. So the western premature ideology of the people of the world concurred and divided, especially through colonialism, they displaced and persecuted the original inhabitants who are the roots of the tree, if the roots are not strong then the tree is not strong, because all is connected. We have been blind to what we have been doing to ourselves, yet this has been part of evolution, and all must be forgiven, however it is now time to change with the new Universal frequency that is correcting all discords, this is allowing for our world to birth in truth unto itself, we are giving birth to a mature understanding of what it means to live in unity and peace with each other. The conflict we see and feel is the apposing of this.

This is how my spiritual journey is being brought to its understandings, we need to heal the roots of who we are, in always, in our relationships with each other too, then we will be happy and strong. It takes for you to work at it by talking about what you feel in your heart. This is the courage that frees our soul to feel joy, this is the Song of the Lion that the San Sing and Dance to. You can listen to Lydia in the Youtube video singing the Lion Song of the San, that her Grandmothers taught her and asked her to share with her children. this is the Khomani San Facebook page that i set up for the San to be made aware of -

I am grateful to be able to share the awareness and importance of the spiritual healing work of the Khomani SAN of the Kalahari, with Izak and Lydia Kruiper and their Community at Witdraai. We did some sacred work of reconnection, I share, with permission from the San - Video footage of the 3-Fire Trance Dance Ceremony with the Khomani San

What is the 3-Fire?

Here are some understandings to read - from Roy Littlesun - November 2015

Break the Dark Spell of Division with the 3-Fire

Everyone has been experiencing the extreme Corrupt Exploitation of the Human Potential that’s centered around having the ability to Freely Tap Into the Infinite Source. This Source can be blocked by the Duality. Duality alone becomes Reactionary and will cancel out the Creative Force that emerges from the Infinite Source.

There is also the “Third Factor” that together with the Duality, can Indefinitely Continue the Creative Force (“Free Energy”). This factor Harmoniously Synchronizes the duality, so that the initial Reaction becomes the absolute and eternal Constant of Creation, which is the unstoppable CHANGE that we can link into with the NOW. This Trinity is integrated in our Body (Creation in the Human Form) in the form of a spiritual organ, known as the triple-heater or Metabolism whereby the Blood can circulate. This inner-Trinity is the Inner-Earth (the small-intestine or womb area where we begin to manifest in the Mother), Inner-Heaven (the brain that centers all the senses of inner-Creation)and Inner-Central-SUN (the Heart where all opposites are United to Open the inner-Point-Zero to get Access to the Infinite Source of Energy). Our Heart pulsates by the inner-Heaven-Earth interaction and this actually indicates that we have the inner-ability to Change the reactionary (conflict) into the harmonious (peace).

Whether we are Calm and peaceful or agitated and harmful actually depends on how we Harmonize the inner Heaven-Man-Earth Relationship! Therefore we need to be in full Control of our BLOOD-quality that in turn depends on the quality of the FOOD that upon the digestive process become the blood whereby the inner-Trinity can be harmonized.The Inner-Trinity also correlates with the Three inner-Fires (Triple-heater or metabolism). By the Trinity we can Change and thus Live a Just Life, because Change is the only True Constant or Law of laws of the Infinite Universe.

On December 21st (the darkest day of the year) the 3-Fire will be initiated (at Cheran K’erry – Mexico) to declare it as the Liberating Portal around the World. As such we will also create the World-wide PORTALS to Welcome the Angels of LIGHT. The following will explain more of it.

The 3-FireStart the 3-Fire in the following manner:

Place 3 large rocks as is shown in the illustration, with one stone facing the South-West (beginning of the Ascension direction towards the North-East).

Start a fire at the center and when fully ablaze, feed it from the 3 directions with large trunks of wood (one from each opening is enough).

Move the trunks to the center to keep the center-fire alive. As such the interactive heat will be maintained in a smoldering manner (no flame needed).

Now and then remove some of the ashes, but keep the charred pieces at the center. Stuffing the sides with ashes will also help with the control of keeping the fire centered. The ashes can later be shared and used to share the Memory it contains. In other words, make consciously the “point-zero imprints” around the world.

Burn 3 candles in case this 3-Fire cannot be applied, due to environmental conditions.

With the 3-Fire we can help with Breaking the Dark Spell that Humanity has been under for ages.Keep on with the Sharing of the Ceremonial 3-Fire.

Visit Facebook Page 3-Fire -