Lion Painting

With everything that very sadly unfolded for Cecil the Lion, he is leaving a Legacy that is amplifying how lost our Human soul is, the Universal Spirit of Cecil is very sacredly asking us to wake up and call our lost soul to return. Our lost souls return is proliferating our consciousness to align with being totally true unto itself. The collective human soul has evolved on a discord but it is inevitably returning to be in accord with the Divine Creative Spirits original intentions of Love and Peace.
To the Bushmen the Lion is a symbol for healing the stuck discords that we limit ourselves by. The San Bushmen perform the sacred ceremonial Trance Dance, Sean Caulfield's shares his experience in doing the Trance Dance - This included the powerful Lion Song and Dance, the Women would sing and clap to the rhythms of the Universe and at the same moment the Men dance around a fire stomping their rattle strapped feet to connect with Earth Mother's Soul, this would invoke the Healer/Shaman to travel the void and call the healing courage of Lion to the community. The people would then be able to harness the frequency of LION by travelling in the cosmos with their multidimensional being. Their spirit would travel in the wind and communicate with Lion and they would ask Lion to bring healing to their Soul, so as to bring wholeness to return to the community and align with Earth Mother's Soul.
This would bring peace and love to resonate through all the people. If the women had issues between them when singing and clapping it

would not allow the men to transcend and bring back the healing spirit, so the women knew to let go and surrender to the fire that transmutes any discords.

The ancient understandings of the sacred cycles of the Universe can bring one to conclude how all Earths life has arrived full circle, so we have arrived full circle so as to see ourselves for who we are and by this call back our souls total truth and wholeness. Only denial and ignorance will keep our souls Light from shining in truth unto itself. The sacred cycles of the evolution of the Universe can be understood and be given reason and purpose when studying the 9 level Mayan calendar, I Sean Caulfield share very deep and sacred information. If you are interested please click on this link read further about the Mayan calendar and the proliferation of Universal Consciousness.


A message from conservationist Thor Thorssen, who suggested that I paint Cecil. "All carnivores, especially large carnivores are the SOLE of nature, without which there is no wild nature."